FANDOM is the result of a collaboration between Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, and David Beall, one of the co-founders of, the original homeless resources wiki.

We strongly believe that homeless resources can better serve the community when hosted in a wiki format. Printed manuals are expensive, and go out of date as soon as they're printed. Also, when changes occur, people will write their change in their manual, and probably lose it if the next edition doesn't have the update.

With wiki technology and the Web 2.0 revolution, online data can be updated instantly when there's a change, and that change can instantly be used by others needing the information.

Wikis are famous for being used in Wikipedia, but not so famous for being used with social service resources. The greatest challenge for will be to get all of the community stakeholders to contribute to the site. We are continuing to do outreach and training to get people comfortable with the idea of updating and improving the site.

With the addition of Los Angeles and joining the Web 2.0 wiki resources community, we feel a new wave of opportunity is coming to get everyone in the community using the wiki and contribbuting the best they can, including government, service providers, advocates, and the homeless themselves.


Mark Casanova

David Beall

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