Bus passesEdit

All Los Angeles County transit operators and all the city bus lines honor a “disabled identification card.” Call 213-680-0054 for application information and locations.

To be eligible, you must show any one of the following: • Medicare card • California DMV disabled or disabled veteran placard certificate with a current “valid through” date • Proof of receiving SSI or SSDI • A certification on school letterhead signed by a Special Education teacher • Part III of the application form, which is a one-page certification signed by a health care professional

For other bus passes, ask for discounts for students and seniors. If you have moved from “welfare to work,” GAIN or RITE can provide bus fare or car travel reimbursements as part of “post employment” services. The Department of Rehabilitation may also provide you with a bus pass, if you qualify for their services.

City Ride and other para-transitEdit

Most cities in the county offer subsidized transportation for seniors age 65 or more or for people with disabilities. Call “cityride” service from any area code in Los Angeles with 808-RIDE (808-7433) for more information.

Low-cost Car InsuranceEdit

Low-income drivers in Los Angeles County, who have good driving records, can purchase special auto insurance for $347 a year. To apply, call (800) 622-0954 to find the agent nearest to you.

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