Easy Steps to Adding a New Resource* to LA Homeless Wikia Edit

Adding a new Resource to LA Homeless Wiki is easy when you follow these step-by-step instructions.

[Note: Before adding a resource you must search the name of the organization/program first. Then, if it does not exist, proceed.]

1. Give Your Resource a Title. Edit

From the Home page, within the “Add Resource” window, type in the name of your new resource. This will become the title of your resource/page!

  • Name your Resource logically. Example: “Acme Homeless Shelter” would be correct. “Best L.A. Shelter for Women” would not be. (Think phone book format.)

2. Enter Your Information.

You will be taken to a blank page with WYSWYG editing options on the top. On this blank page, enter your information.

  • Do not re-enter the name of your resource (i.e.: Acme Homeless Shelter) since it will be automatically generated and placed above your resource/page.
  • For the sake of uniformity, please follow the example format.
  • If you wish to hyper-link your organization’s web address, choose “External Link” from the “link” menu and within the URL window enter your organizations web address (e.g.: It’s best to ignore the “Link Text” option.

3. Tell Us if this is a New Page or an Edit.

Within the “Summary” window, enter a quick blurb of what the nature of the edit or addition is (such as: New resource).

  • Note: The Summary description is for the benefit of the moderators and members only. It is not a description of your service, agency or program (such as: “Shelter for women with children under the age of 18.”)
  • More on Summary here.

4. Categorize your Listing!

Within the “Add Category” window, enter the category name in which your resource/page best fits (example: Women’s Shelter.)

  • If your category is not available (such as: Women’s Shelters) then add it (and hit “return”).

5. Preview and Save Page.

You can preview your work, by selecting the “Preview” button before saving your work. (Press the “Save Page” button when you are done.)'

6. Review Your Page. Edit

To view your new page, enter the name of your resource within our Search window (i.e.: Acme Homeless Shelter).

  • Alternatively, you can go to the master categories list, choose your Category (Women’s Shelter) and your added resource/page should now be listed. Click that link.
Need More Help? See our Site Guidelines page. And, if you are still having trouble, contact us and we’ll enter your resource for you.


  • The term “resources” and/or “Pages” are termed as “articles” in Wikia jargon.
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